Krishi Bank

Loan Products of Bangladesh Krishi Bank

  • Crop
  • Fisheries
  • Live Stock
  • Farm and Irrigation Equipment
  • Agro based Industrial Project
  • S M E
  • Continuous Loan (Working Capital and Cash Credit)
  • Micro Credit (Small Loan)

Food grains: Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Potato, Mustard etc. Cash crops: Tea, Jute, Sugarcane, Bettle leaf, Cotton  and so on. Iciness vegetation: Beans, veggies, Carrot, Cauli- flower, Cabbage, Tomato and so on.  Summer season crops: Cucumber, women Finger, Korola and so on.   

& Fruit Production: 
The loan is disbursed as per norms set with the aid of the Bangladesh financial institution. The rate of interest for this sector is 8%. The fee of curiosity could nonetheless, fluctuate occasionally.

Both the landowner and sharecroppers are almost always the target crew for this loan. Marginal farmers are additionally eligible for the loan.
  • Crop loan is sanctioned on annual basis.
  • Credit score passbook is issued to each and every borrower.

SME Financing Loan

Bangladesh Krishi bank has just lately offered the SME coverage systems and financing norms according to the economic policy 2005 and Bangladesh financial institution’s Prudential law to guide within the achievement of Millennium progress targets (MDGs) set via the federal government. BKB started SME financing when you consider that October, 2007.  Booster Sectors of Small and Medium enterprise (SMEs) are: 
  • Electronics & Electrical               
  • Software Development               
  • Light engineering and metalworking
  • Agro-processing/agri-business/plantation agriculture/specialist farming/tissue-culture and related business.
  • Leather making and leather goods.
  • Knitwear and readymade garments.
  • Plastics & other synthetics.
  • Healthcare and diagnostics.
  • Educational Services.
  • Pharmaceuticals/cosmetics/toiletries.
  • Fashion-rich personal effects, wear and consumption goods.

Credit Facility:
  • Small Enterprises: Tk. 2.00 lakh to 50.00 lakh 
  • Medium Enterprises: Tk. 51.00 lakh to 500.00 lakh

  • Small Enterprises        : 12.50% 02.
  • Medium Enterprises    : 12.50%
  • Working Capital           : 13.00% 

EMI (equal monthly installment) maximum for 5(5) years and working capital for 1(one) year.

Live Stock Loan

Reside inventory sector plays an main position in the development of agriculture. BKB supplies loan for Bullock, Milch Cow, Goatery, pork fattening and other draft animals. It is sincerely Medium time period mortgage.   Pork Fattening application :

As a way to growing self employment for the negative and un-employed persons of the nation the financial institution has introduced a new program titled “pork Fattening”.

Objectives of the program  
  • Create self-employment opportunity for terrible and un-employed individuals.
  • Meet country wide deficit of animal protein.
  • Bring positive trade in the angle of the humans through coaching.
  • Ensure participation of bank officials within the program and develop their experience of duty and consciousness.

Main Aspects 
  •     Purely supervised credit.
  •     The bank officials giving guarantee are responsible for recovery of loan.
  •     Each borrower will get maximum Tk. 25,000/-for  5 calves  ( each         Tk. 5,000/-)
  •     Loan is collateral free.
  •     Repayable within one year.

The financial institution is offering steady mortgage for specific types of movements as cash credit/working capital mortgage on brief term foundation. Steady mortgage is given for processing, protection and advertising of agricultural merchandise.

Agro gear & Farm equipment loan   with the altering situation the average agricultural method is being replaced by mechanized one. In an effort to meet up the altering demand of this sector, BKB presents credit score amenities both for creation and marketing of special agricultural apparatus and farm equipment including irrigation gear. 01. Tractor/vigor Tiller:  02. Irrigation apparatus:  All varieties of irrigation equipments like LLP, HPTW, STW, DTW are eligible under the sector.  Agro Processing Industries: As an agricultural country extraordinary varieties of plants and fruits are produced here. Moreover recently sectors like poultry, dairy, fisheries have flourished vastly. There may be ample scope for export of these items by way of processing mechanism and price addition. The agro established industries are – poultry farm, Dairy farm, food processing plant, Fish freezing/Processing Industries and many others. Reputed regional businessmen and prospective overseas traders are extremely ideal and encourage to the financial institution for establishment of any different types of agro-processing industries in Bangladesh. Mission beneath joint venture as good as direct foreign buyers are specifically taken care of.

01. Poultry farm poultry broiler farm poultry layer farm chicken (broiler/layer) hatchery poultry farm associated/elegant project.
02. Dairy farm Milk production Milk assortment, milk processing (ghee, butter, pasteurized milk and so on creation) and advertising.

03. Food processing challenge Fruit founded food instruction, processing, renovation & advertising Flour, bread & biscuit vermicelli, noodles, chips., chanachur, corn flakes, potato flakes, French fry, popcorn, child meals, starch and so forth Juice, jam, jelly, tomato ketchup, sauce, pickle etc production & advertising and marketing Spices processing extraordinary types oil mill, dal mill etc Small processing industry at farm stage Dehydrated fruit canning, packaging, renovation & advertising    
04. Exportable items Fish processing Freezing plant Dehydration plant (for dry fish processing) Salting and Dehydration of Jew fish. Leather procedure & leather-based situated products object veggies

Horticulture  Loan

Tea: Tea is likely one of the primary exportable gadgets of the nation. BKB is the amazing financing tuition offering credit to this sector. The financial institution most of the time provides two varieties of mortgage – Tea creation mortgage and Tea development loan.   

Nursery development ( fruits, useful trees, flower, urbary culture, spices etc production & marketing )

  • Banana, papaya, guava, pineapple, melon, water melon, bettle nut etc
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Aromatic and fine rice
  • Lettuce, capsicum, broccoli, French bean & other vegetables and promotion of export market
  • Spices (onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric etc)
  • Baby corn
  • Fruit production (mango, jackfruit, litchis, lemon, guava, pineapple, banana etc )
  • Floriculture (import substitutes & exportable rajanigandha, ganda, rose, glandules, orchid, christmas tree, bonsai etc)
  • Import alternative fruit production (orange, grapes etc)

  •     Production Loan is for short-term basis. Rate of interest is 12%.
  •     Development loan is term loan. Rate of interest is 11%.
  •     Trading loan – Short term loan. Rate of interest is 13%.

Rubber plantation Loan

BKB is the most desirable economic institution for rubber plantation.  This is one of the import replacement products.

Fisheries loan To accelerate fish production BKB presents mortgage for excavation and re-excavation of ponds, progress of marshy lands, establishment of fish hatcheries and new fisheries tasks. The Loans are given in the following sub sectors:  01. White Fish Fish culture in present pond/tank Fish culture with the aid of re-excavation of historic/derelict tank/tank Fish culture via excavation of new tank/tank   02. Shrimp culture (Marine, Brackish water and sweet water culture ) Shrimp culture in average process (Bagda or Tiger Shrimp) Shrimp tradition in scientific system Shrimp  tradition in semi-intensive system Prawn culture in candy water(Galda)     This mortgage is given ordinarily in coastal areas for developed technology based shrimp culture.   03. Fish & Shrimp hatchery (fingerlings construction) Fingerlings construction in sweet water Shrimp fingerlings production (fingerlings of commercially lucrative technology)