EBL Auto Loan

Car loan, Auto loan Features

Auto Loan from Eastern Bank Limited for the brand new and reconditioned car.

Loan amount: From BDT 350,000 to BDT 4,000,000 (or 50% of total  value whichever is lower )

  • Low interest rate
  • Repayment tenure of 1 Year to 5 Year
  • Monthly installment: Automatic
  • We accept Full and partial settlement
  • We accept Spouse as Joint Applicant
  • One Guarantor required
  • Easy Documentation Processing
  • Quick Loan Processing 


Customers that are Eligible
Credit worthy persons like:
» Private Company Job Holder: Last six months empoyment withe current company with three years private job experiences.
» Self Employment (
Minimum 24 months experience)Certified Consultant & IT Professionals Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Chartered Accountant.

» Businessperson : 24 months Bank transaction with experience

» Land owners : Update valid documents.
» Minimum : 22 Years old
» Maximum : 60 years (For Salaried person), 65 Years old (For Others)

Monthly Minimum Income:

» Salaried Persons: BDT 30,000
» Professionals/Businessman/Self Employed: BDT 40,000
Joint Spouse applicant allowed: (Salaried person/
Professionals/Businessman/Self Employed) Combined Gross monthly Salary  should be minimum 40,000 taka

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