SME Loan

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited  (IBBL) SME Loan

Formation of SME Division

The Board in its emergent meeting held on 02.11.2005 accredited a memo bearing No. 2005/one hundred fifty five with the next decision:

“Resolved that the funding in Small organization will likely be made in line with the terms and stipulations contained in the Annexed “complete Small enterprise investment policy” and SME Division beneath funding Wing will be established with indispensable restructuring and duly manning with enough officers as proposed.”

so as to emphasize SME investment, to run its SME services easily and to reinforce the SME hobbies of the bank, it has created a separate Division particularly “Small and Medium corporation Division” in 2009.

Specialized SME Branches

As per tenet and law of Bangladesh bank, the Board of directors of the bank has chosen a good quantity of SME inclined areas, where specialized SME/Agriculture Branches are being opening in order to facilitate the competencies entrepreneurs in getting access to to the finance from Sharia’h founded banking sector. Up to now nos. Of such specialised SME Branches have been opened and more such Branches can be opened at the SME susceptible areas by using order.

Eligibility clients for IBBL SME Loan

  1. Only for Bangladeshi Citizens
  2. Owner of Private Limited Company/Proprietorship/ Partnership/ Company or Business
  3. Up to date Trade License, VAT Registration, TIN etc.
  4. Repayment assessment by Bank Authority Like Source and capacity cash flow
  5. No objection from CIB report
  6. Proper business facility and skill manpower with required experience
  7. At least 3years of business Experiences.

SME Investment

Purpose of Investment
  • To meet Capital Investment for project establishment and Business improvement.
  • Increase working capital to improve the Business  (like overhead expenses or Procuring of Raw materials & trade goods,  etc.).

Mode of Investment
  1. Capital Investment: 
  2. Working Capital

Special Schemes under Imslami Bank SME Loan:
IBBL has been financing SMEs by way of the following detailed schemes below SME apart from above recounted modes and purposes of Investment
  1. Women Entrepreneurs’ Investment Scheme (WEIS)
  2. NRB Entrepreneurs’ Investment Scheme (NEIS)
  3. Micro Industries Investment Scheme (MIIS)
  4. Small Business Investment Scheme (SBIS)

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan is a loan you can use for any purpose you want. Vacations, car, education? With Millennium Home Equity Loan that you may manage to pay for whatever!

Why choose Millennium Home Equity Loan?

    Attractive interest rates and an option to lower the spread by 0.5 p.p. within the lending period
  •     Loan Range : 70% real estate,
  •    Total lending period : 25 years.

Additional benefits:

    Appealing margins and curiosity rates and an option to decrease the unfold by using 0.5 P.P. Within the lending period
Home Equity Loan
  1. Quick Processing Time
  2. We accept of numerous sources of earnings - in Millennium you will be granted a loan, when you have contract of unspecified or precise period, earn centered on Civil law contracts (e.G. Contract of mandate or contract to perform a distinctive mission), as well as when your run your possess industry (and are ready to provide the financial institution with suitable accounting and tax files).
  3. Comfort - a quantity of mortgage provider services, e.G. Loan vacations or grace period
  4. Friendly consumer service - numerous consumer-friendly internet choices facilitating mortgage provider (e.G. Choice to put up order of previous loan compensation, loan vacation trips, alternate of installment date etc.).

Bank Asia Limited Auto Loan

Auto loan

This product will give you auto financing to the purchaser segment, Underneath this scheme, the auto is hypothetical to the bank. Your drive to succeed you this a ways. Now indulge for your passion for driving one of the vital world’s finest vehicles and enjoy vigor, efficiency and luxury.


  1. Auto Loan for brand new and reconditioned car ( Not for Business purpose)
  2. Loan ranges from 200,000 taka - 2,000,000 taka.
  3. Repayment tenure: 1 Year to 6 Years
  4. Installment: Automatic ( Monthly Realization)
  5. Granter : one guarantor required
  6. Documentation : Short and Easy

Eligible Person

Eligible persons have minimum of three (3) years’ experience for:
  1. Job Holder ( Monthly Salary Basis)
  2. Self Employed : Chartered Accountant, Architects,
  3.  Engineers, Doctors, Certified Consultant & IT Professionals


Age: 25 years to 65 years
Document: Trade License, VAT, TIN, TAX No. 

Debt consolidation loans

How do debt consolidation loans work?

With a debt consolidation loan, you effectively transfer all of your borrowing, or a massive chunk of it, onto the one loan.

That you may then shut down the various credit card and loan preparations you’ve had previously, utilizing your consolidation mortgage to clear the money owed. Instead than making lots of separate payments to exclusive lenders each month, you’ll simplest must make one to your mortgage provider.

With each separate current loan you look to repay, investigate whether there are any early compensation expenditures – and, if so, element them into your calculations.

Most debt consolidation loans are unsecured, because of this the lender can’t lay claim to your dwelling if you are unable to maintain up with repayments. That doesn’t imply that you may be informal about paying what you owe, nonetheless – the lender could still pursue you by means of the courts for its cash.

Be wary of loans which are secured, as this means that the debt is held against your own home (or one other asset), so when you’re suffering from repayments, your house could be at danger.

Why you need to consolidate credit card debt

The largest hindrance with bank card debt is the high interest rates. In case you are juggling multiple cards, and making simply the minimal fee on each and every one, the steadiness owed does not cut down very much.

Utilizing a debt calculator, one can find for your self how lengthy it'll take you to pay off your debt this way. You enter how a lot you owe, the interest cost and what you believe that you can pay each month. You do that for every loan. The outcome perhaps stunning—you might be watching at decades earlier than you will have matters beneath manage once more. With a auto mortgage or loan, which you could work out a shrink price making use of your home as collateral. Or that you would be able to sign on with some of the debt consolidation organizations to do the negotiating for you. Not so with the credit cards. With a Perform personal mortgage for debt consolidation you could obtain manage over your debt. A debt consolidation loan is the most strategic step that you would be able to take to receive monetary freedom.

More Reference: Debt Consolidation Loans

EBL Auto Loan

Car loan, Auto loan Features

Auto Loan from Eastern Bank Limited for the brand new and reconditioned car.

Loan amount: From BDT 350,000 to BDT 4,000,000 (or 50% of total  value whichever is lower )

  • Low interest rate
  • Repayment tenure of 1 Year to 5 Year
  • Monthly installment: Automatic
  • We accept Full and partial settlement
  • We accept Spouse as Joint Applicant
  • One Guarantor required
  • Easy Documentation Processing
  • Quick Loan Processing 


Customers that are Eligible
Credit worthy persons like:
» Private Company Job Holder: Last six months empoyment withe current company with three years private job experiences.
» Self Employment (
Minimum 24 months experience)Certified Consultant & IT Professionals Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Chartered Accountant.

» Businessperson : 24 months Bank transaction with experience

» Land owners : Update valid documents.
» Minimum : 22 Years old
» Maximum : 60 years (For Salaried person), 65 Years old (For Others)

Monthly Minimum Income:

» Salaried Persons: BDT 30,000
» Professionals/Businessman/Self Employed: BDT 40,000
Joint Spouse applicant allowed: (Salaried person/
Professionals/Businessman/Self Employed) Combined Gross monthly Salary  should be minimum 40,000 taka

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Auto Loan

BARAC Bank Car Loan: 

It's time to own an Car.

Whether or not you wish to have to buy a company new car or a reconditioned one, BRAC financial institution Auto loan is constructed for highest velocity and efficiency. Get your dream auto on the street very quickly.

  1. To be had for Salaried individuals, industry folks, Self Employed & Landlord.
  2. Minimum Age: 25 Years
  3. Maximum age: sixty five years at the time of mortgage maturity
  4. Minimal month-to-month sales: BDT 25,000 (for salaried); BDT 35,000 (for others)
  5. Length of provider: validated employment with total 1 yr work expertise
  6. Age of industry: Min 3 years.

    Up to 50% of quoted price of the automobile

    Gighest mortgage ceiling up to BDT forty Lac*

    Curiosity expense: starting from 10.Seventy five%

    Tenure : 12 to 60 Months

    For brand new and reconditioned cars

Documents Required
  1. Bank Statement (Last One Year)
  2. National ID (Photocopy)
  3. Passport size photo : One copy  
  4. Guarantor passport size photo: One copy
  5. Price quotation: 3 Copy
  6. One copy Application, One visiting card
  7. Update Tax return/certificate

Documents for Company/Job/salaried individual
*Letter of introduction stating cash, issued by means of the company authorized person.

Documents required for business individual
Trade License
Bank Statement (One Year)
Memorandum of Articles (Photocopy)

Documents required for for Land/Home/Flat owner
   Legitimate records of the property

Home Loan

Whether you wish to have to purchase a brand new Home or refinance your present home, you'll have got to prefer the home loan that's correct for you. Let Mortgage loan support you save time, stress and cash with our effortless-to-access home mortgage options. Choose from a first Time customer loan, a Secured home mortgage and a dwelling fairness mortgage or simply compare your loan to make certain you have got acquired the quality deal possible mortgage loan can guide you via the approach of making the biggest buy of your lifestyles with complete confidence.

Get a great rate and payment and buy a home of your own with the excellent mortgage loan. Refinance to scale back the payments in your present loan and get more money and add to your financial savings. Use your house equity to get cash and make improvements or pay for these colossal-ticket residence charges. Assess out a reverse mortgage that equals zero out-of-pocket payments as long as you reside on your dwelling. Mortgage loan is your full-carrier loan headquarters.

Given the current fiscal and financial stipulations in the U.S.’ the other way up housing market, what many s home owners fairly need today is a fine loan change that supplies sustained fiscal alleviation over the long run. Refinancing to shrink the essential stability on a mortgage makes ideal feel today due to the fact that for the period of the primary yr of a newly refinanced mortgage the common annual financial savings totaled $2,seven-hundred for a $200,000 dwelling mortgage final 12 months. This offers house owners additional cash to use to pay down other debts, repay their residence, or add some cash to savings.

Whilst you use that more cash to pay down your existing mortgage debt, it might help to make stronger your credit standing and make future loans much more low-priced seeing that the bigger your credit rating is, the scale down the interest premiums might be. In spite of your current credit rating, Mortgage loan can support you're taking higher talents of at present’s record-low mortgage charges and locate the mortgage that is just proper for you. 

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IDLC Finance ( Home Loan )

Home Loan (IDLC Finance)

The leading home loans provider IDLC Finance offers you the most convenient home loans to suit your needs.

Home Loan for NRB

If you are a Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) and dream of owning a home back in Bangladesh, you have reached the right place.

Home Loan 

IDLC Finance now provides complete protection to its home loan borrowers. Now home loans borrowers of IDLC Finance can avail life insurance coverage equivalent to

Home Loan 

This scheme is designed for middle and lower middle class customers to purchase or construct new apartment for own dwelling with in the area of 6 city corporation

SME Loan (IDLC Finance)

Small Business is a loan facility designed to finance small scale buying and selling, manufacturing and repair ventures, particularly to aid small and medium entrepreneurs to satisfy their quick-time period money glide shortages and bridge the fund-drift gaps.

  • Entrepreneurs with minimum 2 years experience in the same line of business
  • Business must be a going concern with at least 2 years in operation

Loan Limit:   From BDT 3 lac to BDT 75 lac

Key Features Loan without any collateral up to BDT 15 lac
For partly cash security loan up to BDT 35 lac

Loan for Working Capital Finance and/or Lease finance for business

Borrower having loan with other financial institute can also avail Small Business

Convenient repayment options of Equated Monthly Installment and Customized Repayment Schedule

Quick, quality door step customer service

IDLC Finance also have support in "COMMERCIAL SPACE LOAN"

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Home Loan

Delta Brac Housing Home Loan

Delta Brac Housing Finance company Ltd., often called DBH was rated ‘AAA’ (Triple A), high to the rating scale for long run and ST-1 for short time period for the fourth consecutive year. Mr. Hamidul Huq, Managing Director of credit standing agency of Bangladesh (CRAB) exceeded over the credit standing report to Mr. Q.M. Shariful Ala, Managing Director of DBH at a function held on the latter’s company place of business in Dhaka. Senior officials of DBH and CRAB had been gift on the function. CRAB’s impartial score Committee comprising of financial analysts of residence and overseas prepared the credit rating file on the foundation of qualitative and quantitative analysis and balance sheet for the monetary yr 2008-09 of the manufacturer. The CRAB score document indicated that AAA credit rating has been given to DBH for first-rate financials, healthful and sustainable franchises and a primary rated working atmosphere. “AAA displays DBH’s robust asset quality, capital adequacy, working efficiency, management force, company governance and market management,” Managing Director of CRAB Hamidul Huq mentioned adding “correctly, the credit rating is a sign of the relative safety, security and force of a fiscal university which is principal to its depositors and other investors reminiscent of shareholders and lenders”. Q. M. Shariful Ala mentioned “we're happy to get AAA for the fourth consecutive years. Receiving triple AAA is a testament to our strong fundamentals and can aid increasing our offerings as good as DBH’s steady efforts to broaden dwelling ownership within the country.

Home Loan Counseling

Our home loan counselors offer you the specialist advice. Be it legal documentation, project or builder approvals, and technical advice, we look forward to sharing with you and this service is absolutely free.

Our project approval facility provides our customers the comfort of purchasing properties from builders who have complied with all basic documentation.

Door Step Service
We offer door step service. Please call for our Sales Executive to assist you or get in touch with the DBH Office near you.

We help you find your dream home
We can provide you with the list of property available at the preferred location of any specific developer.And the service is absolutely free.

You can buy, sell residential properties through DBH Property Services. We provide legal documentation services related to property transaction. Please contact our Property Services for the detail.

Wide Product Range
We provide loans to meet all your requirements for you to make that house a home.

    Apartment Loan, Home Construction Loan, Housing Plot Loan, Home Improvement Loans, Home Extension Loans, Loans to professionals for chamber purchase, Home Owner’s Loan (Loan Against Property).

  • Loans on Adjustable Rate, Fixed Rate.
  • Loan Protection Insurance

Multiple Repayment Option (Flexi Plus Home Loan)

Step Up Repayment Facility
Helps young executives take a much bigger loan today based on an increase in their future income, this helps executives buy a bigger home today!

Flexible Loan installments Plan
Often customers, parents and their children, wish to purchase properties together. The parent is nearing retirement and their children have just started working. This option helps such customers combine the incomes and take a long term home loan where in the installment reduces upon retirement of the earning parent.

Tranche Based EMI
Customers purchasing an under construction property need to pay interest (on the loan amount drawn based on level of construction) till the property is ready. To help customer save this interest, we have introduced a special facility of tranche based EMI. Customers can fix the installments they wish to pay till the property is ready. The minimum amount payable is the interest on the loan amount drawn. Anything over and above the interest paid by the customer goes towards Principal repayment. The customer benefits by starting EMI and hence repays the loan faster.

Accelerated Repayment Scheme
Accelerated Repayment Scheme offers you a great opportunity to repay the loan faster by increasing the EMI. Whenever you get an increment, increase in your disposable income or have lumpsum funds for loan prepayment, you can benefit by:
  • Increase in EMI means faster loan repayment
  • Saving of interest because of faster loan repayment

    You can invest lumpsum funds rather than use it for loan prepayment. The return from the investments also gives you the comfort of paying the increased EMI.

Network of financing
    DBH is able to provide home loans in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. You can apply at your local DBH office for properties in locations where we finance.

Post Disbursement Services
    Income tax Certificate of the latest income year to enable you to claim the tax benefits can be supplied to you upon request from you. This service is absolutely free.

Loan Repayment
  •  Post dated cheques – No charges for replacement of cheques
  • Early Loan Repayment at DBH Head Office at Gulshan (9th Floor)

    Registered Mortgage of the property financed. Additional/alternate collateral security may be required on a case to case basis.

How to Apply?
    Complete Application to be submitted in the prescribed application form of DBH, to any of the DBH offices in Dhaka,  Chittagong or Sylhet.

Apartment Loan
Everyone dreams for owning a home and having DBH beside you it is no more a dream but the reality of today. Be it new or old, you decide to buy an apartment in Dhaka or Chittagong or Sylhet, DBH Apartment Loan will support you in meeting your needs. With DBH Apartment Loan be a proud owner of an apartment.

Housing Plot Loan
You have a dream home sketched in your mind, built exactly on a land at your chosen location. Have you found the housing plot? Now you need money to buy the land? DBH Housing Plot Loan can be the best option. With DBH Housing Plot Loan you can buy a land from any developer’s land project approved by DBH.

Home Extension Loan
Time travels and the need of your family grows. There rises a need for extension of your house, which provides you with an extra space for your family. DBH Home Extension Loan is designed to meet this requirement. Such an extension could be an additional room on the same floor, an additional toilet, an extra room on the terrace, or even enclosing an open balcony.

Home Extension Loan
Time travels and the need of your family grows. There rises a need for extension of your house, which provides you with an extra space for your family. DBH Home Extension Loan is designed to meet this requirement. Such an extension could be an additional room on the same floor, an additional toilet, an extra room on the terrace, or even enclosing an open balcony.

Home Improvement Loan
Be it interior or exterior of your home, you always want to keep it new and modern, isn’t it? DBH Home Improvement Loan facility helps you undertake internal and external repairs and other structural improvements. Any improvement that will increase the life of your home, contribute toward a healthy living environment and at the same time add to the value of your home could be financed under this scheme.

“Bangladesh Bank Refinance Scheme for Housing Sector”
Recently, Bangladesh Bank introduce a new scheme known as “Bangladesh Bank Refinance Scheme for Housing Sector” to provide refinance facility to the institutions who are giving Home Loans to individuals for buying/constructing apartments in order to meet the housing demand of middle and lower middle income earners in the urban areas and to contribute in the increasing activity of housing sector in the country’s economy. In order to provide home loans under this scheme, Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DBH), the specialist in housing finance, signed a participation agreement with Bangladesh Bank. Among all banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh, only DBH is the first to sign this agreement. DBH is the first Financial Institution among all the Banks and FIs of the country to have successfully disbursed Home Loans and taken refinance from Bangladesh Bank under the Scheme.

Features & Criteria

    Flat/Apartment to be located in six city corporations (Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and Barisal) and areas in the Tongi, Gazipur, Savar and Narayanganj municipality along with the RAJUK approved areas outskirts of Dhaka
  1. The apartment size should not exceed 1250 square feet
  2. The maximum amount of loan can be availed is Tk. 20 Lac
  3. The applicant having a monthly income of less than 50,000 taka will be eligible for receiving home loan under this scheme
  4. The applicant shall not have any apartment or house named after their husband/wife/children in the above mentioned areas, are eligible for receiving this loan
  5. The applicant shall not have availed any home loan/scheme facility from its employer.
  6. The applicant who haven’t taken any home loan from any bank/financial institution previously can be eligible for this home loan scheme.
  7. The maximum tenure of this home loan is 20 years
  8. The rate of interest 9% p.a.

Home Loans

Whatever your dream, we are here to help.

Mortgage Loan Options

Whether you're shopping for your first house or relocating on to some thing even higher, U.S. Financial institution offers competitive charges and a variety of loan options, together with:
  1.     Fixed-rate loans for predictable payments
  2.     ARM loans with lower introductory rates
  3.     ARM loan payments may increase after loan consummation
  4.     Jumbo loans for costlier homes
  5.     FHA loans with low down-payment options
  6.     VA loans for service members and veterans

We also offer loans for new construction and investment property. And with U.S. Bank, you'll have knowledgeable help every step of the way.

Refinance Your Home

Some thing your goal for getting a new personal loan, a U.S. Financial institution loan loan originator can aid you determine potential ways to:
  •     Lower Your Monthly Payment Expense
  •     Shorten the Term of Your Loan
  •     Switch to a Fixed-Rate Mortgage
  •     Get Cash Out of Your Home

Options incorporate the Streamline Refinance and the money-Out Refinance - and if you owe lower than $a hundred and fifty,000, our specific smart Refinance answer may just prevent time and money.

Auto Loan

Express Check
Earlier than you talk over with a dealer, contact Market united states of america for an categorical examine. If you qualify, Market usa will give you a verify up to your pre-approval amount1. When you visit a dealer with a determine in-hand, you can be in a greater position to negotiate!

Make No payments for two Months!

Make no payments for 2 months when you finance your auto with us or move your existing loan from one other lender.

Save Time and Money with Auto Loan

Use our free study instruments to seek out the expertise you ought to purchase with self belief: research your alternate-in worth, examine car facets, lock to your financial savings and extra. Plus, you'll discover what others paid for the new car you want so that you certainly not overpay. Acquire a .25% price discount3 while you purchase your vehicle by way of our car purchasing provider, powered by using auto Loan.

Use the Value of Your Car for a Cash Out Auto Loan

Have the title to your auto and need cash now? Which you could borrow the NADA mortgage price of your auto. Should not have your automobile wholly paid off but have fairness developed up? Which you could also use that fairness to gain some cash now.

Protect Your Investment with Low-Cost Insurance Products

we will offer you peace of intellect with Debt defense, Mechanical restore insurance plan (MRC) and assured Asset defense (hole) Plus in your automobile, in most cases at lower charges than what you are going to to find on the dealership.