SME Banking

SME Loan from Dhaka Bank

Inclusive finance has become a strong force for a change towards sustainable development. Blending business with more rural and SME finance is another way of achieving sustainability. We have coloured our mind with this vision and have kept up colouring the nation since introduction of SME Banking in 2013. To support Small & Medium Enterprises, Dhaka Bank has widened its network up to the rural frontiers with a country-wide reach of Branches, SME & business centres, alternative delivery channels (ADC) and so on. With as many as 17 products, we have blended together small businesses, medium enterprise, women entrepreneurs, cottage industry, agricultural farmers, renewal energy and eco-friendly brick kilns among more than 5,000 entrepreneurs.

Note:  If a firm belongs to one more categories (business segment) on any criterion, the same will be deemed as   belonging to  the ‘larger’ category.

  •     Strategic choice
  •     Priorities
  •     Business highlights 2012
  •     SME products & services
  •     Woman Entrepreneur Finance
  •     Objectives 2013

Strategic Choice

To build SME portfolio as the right tool for financial inclusion, sustainability, diversification and earning potentials of the Bank.

  1.     Enhance and accelerate lending portfolio
  2.     Focus on Woman Entrepreneur Finance and cluster finance
  3.     Expand share of refinance from local and foreign funds
  4.     Improve asset quality
  5.     Step up campaign for awareness and marketing
  6.     Educate SME customers through training & workshop
  7.     Liaise with the partners for exchange of expertise, technical and resource supports
  8.     Showcase SME profile and products through participating in SME Fairs.

Business highlights as on 30.09.2013

  •     Total Outstanding Taka 5,218 million
  •     No of Customers 4,950
  •     Woman Entrepreneur Finance Taka 76 million
  •     Green Banking exposure Tk. 6.58 Lac

SME Asset Products    

  • Credit Lines
  • OD (SME): Overdraft SME
  • OD(WO): Overdraft Work Order
  • OD (PO): Overdraft Pay Order
  • OD (Share): Overdraft Share
  • SOD (SME): Secured Overdraft SME
  • OD (Pledge): Overdraft Pledge

Business Loans

  1. SLTP: SME Long Term Product
  2. SMTP: SME Mid Term Product
  3. STLS: Short Term Loan SME
  4. FSTL: Festival Short Term Loan
  5. LSME: SME Lease
  6. SLTR: SME Letter against Trust Receipt
  7. LABA: Loan Against Banker’s Acceptance
  8. SPAD: Payment against Documents SME
  9. SLIM: Loan against Imported Merchandise
  10. HBSM: House Building Commercial SME

  • SLIM: Short Term Loan SME
  • Women Entrepreneur Finance

Key Attributes:

  1.     Available at all DBL Branches and SME Service Centers
  2.     Easy terms and conditions
  3.     Rate of interest only at 10.00% under Women Entrepreneur Refinance Scheme (BB)
  4.     Quick approval process
  5.     Unsecured facility for a certain limit

WE Highlights (Sep 30, 2013)

  1.     No. of women entrepreneur: 34
  2.     Amount of Disbursement: 59 m
  3.     Number of women entrepreneur dedicated desks/SME help desks: 76

SME Objectives 2013

  •  Develop new products both for asset and liability basket
  •  Restructure SME into 4 key segments i.e. SME(Medium), SME(Small), SME(Liability) MIS & Monitoring Pursue target for ME, SE, WE and cluster finance with geographical concentration
  •  Arrange meeting, seminar, training for SME customers on regional basis across Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and North Bengal
  •  Integrate SME with green banking initiatives and financial inclusion programmes
  • Sign deals with the partner organizations for more funds under refinance and resource support
  • Developing a ‘Business Plan for New Venture” promoting capacity building for SMEs

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