Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan is a loan you can use for any purpose you want. Vacations, car, education? With Millennium Home Equity Loan that you may manage to pay for whatever!

Why choose Millennium Home Equity Loan?

    Attractive interest rates and an option to lower the spread by 0.5 p.p. within the lending period
  •     Loan Range : 70% real estate,
  •    Total lending period : 25 years.

Additional benefits:

    Appealing margins and curiosity rates and an option to decrease the unfold by using 0.5 P.P. Within the lending period
Home Equity Loan
  1. Quick Processing Time
  2. We accept of numerous sources of earnings - in Millennium you will be granted a loan, when you have contract of unspecified or precise period, earn centered on Civil law contracts (e.G. Contract of mandate or contract to perform a distinctive mission), as well as when your run your possess industry (and are ready to provide the financial institution with suitable accounting and tax files).
  3. Comfort - a quantity of mortgage provider services, e.G. Loan vacations or grace period
  4. Friendly consumer service - numerous consumer-friendly internet choices facilitating mortgage provider (e.G. Choice to put up order of previous loan compensation, loan vacation trips, alternate of installment date etc.).